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2014 Interview with Barclays Africa CEO- Mr. Kennedy Bungane.


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Mr Kennedy Bungane (CEO of Barclays Africa) was at the GEEED Gender Emergence in Industry Conference 2014 hosted by the Winihin Jemide Series. I took the time to talk to him about the projects Barclays Africa has for women on the continent.

Excerpts from My Interview with Mr. Kennedy Bungane.

Good Afternoon and thank you very much for talking to us on the Winihin Jemide Series.  Please introduce yourself:

My names are Kennedy Bungane. I am the Chief executive of Barclays Africa (outside of South Africa) responsible for Barclays strategy in Africa.
So the only Country you do not cover is South Africa.

We cover 13 Countries on the Continent.
That is a Huge Responsibility. What sort of Projects and Scheme and Policies do you work on for Women at Barclays?

Firstly, internally within Barclays we are committed to drawing from Management Expertise, to insights that Women Leaders have got to offer in Africa and Globally. Today 21% of our leaders at Assistant VP, VP, MD at this company are women. Our commitment is to raise that to 26% in the short term. Continue Reading

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